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Yard Soaps are nourishing shower soaps, full of nourishing oils and glycerine present naturally. Yard Soap is made for sensitive skin and therefore suitable for all of us. Werfzeep works with high quality oils: vegetable, organic – even the essential oils – mostly cold pressed and therefore still full and beneficial sto ff. We never work with sto ff and as perfume oils, foam enhancers or even extracted fatty acids, such as the petrochemical industry. We do not also use palm oil and animal fat. Rich raw mat ff and make rich soap, which also feels perfectly at home in the sink. Yard Soap is 100% organic and cruelty-free.

All soaps are handmade, according to the cold process method of soap in our studio at the Westerkade in Utrecht. Each time we make 150 pieces in a single block, which is cut after twenty-four hours. After this soap ripens several weeks in our dryers. After this process each Yard Soap weighs approximately 100 grams.